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HEAD of IT Innovation

Ricardo Dantas


Hometown: Curitiba, Brazil

Profession: Full Stack Software Developer

International Experience: Brazil, Ireland, Canada, USA, Sweden 

Status: Swedish Work Permit 

- If you were a super hero – which would you be?

- Jean Grey from the X-Men.

- Why?

I don't care about flying or spiderwebs. Jean Grey has telekinetic powers that can heal people, even yourself! 

- How did you come to Sweden?

I was offered a job here as Software Developer.

- What do you love about Sweden?

Swimming in the lakes here in Stockholm in the Summer. Also barbecue in the winter with the big sausages (Falukorv) is fun. I’ve never done a barbecue in the snow before.

What’s your core talent?

I’m a Javascript developer working with both sides front/back end – React, Angular, Vue.js, full stack.

What’s your Real talent?

Persistency to be honest. And it can actually burn you, but I never give up.


Annons Assistant


Ricardo built Annons Assistant for Real People - a simple tech tool for foreign talent to check if their job advertisement complies with the law. Try it: here

What fancy tech knowledge did you use to build Annons Assistant?

I used REACT with Next JS, a simple framework for the front end, but this is just the beta version.  

- And this isn't your first! You previously built an app that allowed internationals to check the status of their work permit application?

Yeah, I was waiting for months for my decision, so I created a simple app to update you when a decision was made. But... I put 'Migrationsverket' in the name, which is not ok! I’m not a migration guy! I thought it would just be good to search!

migrationsverket app.png

Ricardo's previous app would update users when a decision was made on their case.  

- Why did you join Real People?

I think it’s fair for everyone to have an opportunity. Immigrants rarely have an easy life. You have to be at least slightly better than average to earn your space. So I wanted to help lift up people.


When I saw kompetensutvisning affecting colleagues, I was upset. When I started seeing it affect families I was motivated.


I believe in the idea of Real People, I think it’s fair.



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