Head of cyber

Marvin Ngoma

Hometown: Zambia
Profession: Sen. Cyber Security Specialist
International Experience: Zambia, USA, Sweden
Status: Swedish Work Permit 

- If you were a super hero – which would you be?

Black Panther. 

- Why?

Proficiency in science, use of advanced wakanda type of technology đŸ™…đŸŸ‍♂

- Wakanda forever! 

Indeed bruv!

- How did you come to Sweden?

I came to Sweden for my Master's studies, on scholarship from the Swedish Institute. It was my 3rd time applying for it, and finally got it. 

I was taken by how organized the universities are, and how they put in so much effort to make international students welcome! I also fell in love with Sweden from the very first step. It’s so organized and beautiful.

- What do you love about Sweden?

The innovation and technology.

Also enjoying the nature and experiencing the sustainable way of everyday living. 

What’s your core talent?

Cyber threat management. 

- What’s your Real talent?

Communication and interpersonal skills. 


Marvin had to leave Sweden for a very simple administrative mistake made by his employer - they didn't post his job long enough on the official website.

This is why we built Annons Assistant for Real People - a simple tech tool for foreign talent to check if their job advertisement complies with the law. Try it:

Marvin is back and handles data security for Real People!


- You were in one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden coming out with your case, was that hard as someone who works with Cyber Security?


So what do you do for Real People?

... Vamp + Cyber Sec + data is safe....

Perhaps put something here, a picture of a screenshot on your IT stuff, or another picture of you in Sweden?

- Why did you join Real People in the first place?

I want everyone to be treated and included equally in Sweden.


I am a Real People too.