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Ali Omumi

chief kompetensutvisning survivor

Hometown: Tehran, Iran

Profession: Business Development

International Experience: Azerbaijan, UK, Germany, Sweden

Status: Swedish Work Permit 

- If you were a super hero – which would you be?

Iron Man. 

- Why?

Well, I am an engineer, but I'm also tenacious - and agile.  

- How did you come to Sweden?

I was offered a job here at a startup, and I came for a better life for my family.  

- What do you love about Sweden?

What’s your core talent?

Business Development, specifically in the energy sector which I've worked in since 2007. 

What’s your Real talent?

Empathy. But maybe in a different way. I care about making Sweden better because I live here too. Also #SwedenDeservesBetter

Ricardo built Annons Assistant for Real People - a simple tech tool for foreign talent to check if their job advertisement complies with the law. Try it: here

What's it been like, fighting to stop your deportation in the press for so long?

I used REACT with Next JS, a simple framework for the front end, but this is just the beta version.  

What keeps you motivated to continue?

Yeah, I was waiting for months for my decision, so I created a simple app to update you when a decision was made. But... I put 'Migrationsverket' in the name, which is not ok! I’m not a migration guy! I thought it would just be good to search!

Ricardo's previous app would update users when a decision was made on their case.  

- Why did you join Real People?

I want everyone to be treated and included equally in Sweden.

I am a Real People too. 



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